First-ever drone show flying alongside Formula1™ drivers

Client: AMG Mercedes, IWC, AmsterdamBerlinDate: 2023


Taking the skies as the next frontier in advertising, the possibilities with drones are boundless. 

The first of its kind, the show was designed to celebrate the long-standing partnership between Mercedes AMG and IWC Schaffhausen ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix™️. Paired with the launch of the IWC Performance Chronograph Collection 41 and showcasing the Mercedes AMG GT Coupé, iconic designs illuminated the skies with 1,000 lights.


Location: Speedcity, Las Vegas, USA

In collaboration with

  • AMG,
  • Amsterdam Berlin,
  • George Russell,
  • IWC,
  • Lewis Hamilton,
  • Speed Vegas

01. Brief

The activation's main focus: celebrating high-end design, highlighting the artistry behind the AMG GT Coupé and the IWC Performance Chronograph. Kicking off with a panel discussion, introducing the new designs of these luxury products, while delving into the similarities and differences in the design processes for cars and watches.

Following the design talk, Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1™️ Team drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell delivered a fantastic driving performance in the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé. The action on the track was accompanied by our spectacular drone show supported by lights, illuminating the night sky above the Las Vegas desert and offering a glimpse of the upcoming night race in the "City of Lights." 

02. Designer insights

Some interesting quote mentioned by Sander Ter Braak

03. Concept

Connecting time and speed as the common elements inspired the whole show concept, from its ideation to execution. 

Having two Formula One™ drivers on a track and flying drones over them seems like a simple task, however, it’s an innovation feat for which we developed unique tech features. Among these was a speed-measuring application to synchronize the flying flock of drones with the driving cars, creating the illusion of drones flying at a higher speed and interacting with the drivers.

Drones can only fly roughly 18 km/hour, while the drivers were running at a minimum of 100 km/hour. To mimic the effect of speeding with our drones, we changed the colors of their LED lights as the cars ran under them, resulting in one of the show’s highlights. Likewise, the drones were programmed to fly at stunningly low heights for industry standards, creating a never-seen-before experience.

The strength of our drone shows often lies in the transitions. Instead of merely presenting static scenes one after another, we invest time in figuring out the best transitions to create a seamlessly flowing performance, which better maintains the viewers' attention.

In essence, our event was a testament to the enduring allure of design, inspiring the next generation of innovators to push boundaries.

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04. Results

During one of the most crowded annual events in the Las Vegas area, in the city and online, in regards to media attention and advertising, the AMG x IWC performance launched itself into attention.

With 70+ international media attendance, global broadcast presence including NBC, Sky Sports News, Sky F1, ESPN, ABC, and significant coverage from media outlets ranging from trade to lifestyle to car culture, the performance reached an overall PR result of 1179 Clippings worldwide.

The total advertising is calculated at a value equivalency of over 12 million EUR worldwide. This resulted in increased visibility for both brands and redirecting viewers from media outlets to the brands’ channels, with over 16 million impressions.

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