An Ode to Rotterdam

Client: A State Of TranceDate: 2024


Since Armin van Buuren’s radio show began in 2001, A State of Trance has become a globally acclaimed label and event series, attracting tens of thousands of music lovers. We joined forces 14 years ago with ASOT 450, and being part of this journey for so long drives us to continually push the boundaries and deliver our absolute best.

After 9 years in Utrecht, we moved to Rotterdam with the mission to create and showcase something fresh yet familiar. Our goal was to make this new place feel like home while keeping the excitement alive and leaving everyone amazed by ASOT Destination.


Location: Ahoy, Rotterdam

In collaboration with

  • Armin van Buuren,
  • A State of Trance,
  • Armada Music,
  • David Lewis Productions

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01. Brief

Introducing a new location in a different city to an international crowd, we set out to rethink the ASOT brand for its new era. Our mission was to update the brand identity and to design a set of five cohesive areas, each with suitable visual content, creating a A State Of Trance experience for all visitors. This bold move marked the beginning of an exciting chapter, bringing fresh energy and innovative design to a global audience.

02. Designer insights

For this year’s campaign we transformed the shapes of the iconic city of Rotterdam into photography, fashion and art. You can recognise the lines and the textures of De Hef, the Erasmusburg, the Cube houses, STC and the Central Station of Rotterdam in any piece of the branding, artwork and the stages at this year’s event.

- Sander Reneman

03. Concept

Area I
Drawing inspiration from Rotterdam's pace, our design featured long strips of LED screens reminiscent of speed trails. This setup not only paid homage to last year's main stage but also offered a unique perspective for both DJs and guests, with VIP areas strategically placed to ensure an epic view from every angle. 

Area II 
Mirroring the iconic De Hef bridge, this setup features an elongated LED screen at its core. The central focus on the bridge's middle section provided a great blank space for some custom visuals, made for especially this screen. 

Area III
Capturing the heart of Rotterdam's harbour, this stage stole the show with its dynamic content. A towering LED screen transformed into a shipping container by captivating video content and brought to life by our talented VJ. 

Area IV
Echoing the spirit of another iconic building, STC, this intimate stage featured scaffolding reminiscent of the city's industrial and edgy style. With its smaller size, it offered unique, intimate club-like atmosphere in the middle of the venue's busy intersection. 

04. Results

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