Returning to the Core of Techno

Client: Monumental ProductionsDate: 2024


For over 25 years, Awakenings has led world-renowned techno events. Since their first night at Amsterdam's iconic Gashouder in 1997, they have set the gold standard for large-scale techno productions worldwide.

In collaboration with the client, we introduced a fresh concept: Awakenings Upclose, reviving the raw, intimate ambiance of traditional raves. This new concept creates an intense, dance floor-oriented festival, fostering a close connection between artists and attendees.


Location: Houtrak (Spaarnwoude-park)

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01. Brief

The briefing calls for a reduction in the use of massive LED screens, shifting the focus towards enhancing the dance floor and creating an intimate atmosphere. Additionally, the stages for the festival should be designed with this vision in mind while keeping the unique style of Awakenings visibly present.

02. Designer insights

Some interesting quote mentioned by Freek the Art Director. To be continued

03. Concept

Through the design process, we worked closely with the Awakenings team creating guidelines and key checkpoints for every area to ensure the whole festival site lives and breathes the personal and raw essence of Upclose.

For Area 97, we reimagined the Awakenings main stage by placing it within the woods for an intimate setting. Fifteen standing columns on the dance floor created a club-like atmosphere, allowing the audience to be close to the DJs from any angle, minimising boundaries between artists and the crowd.

The fifteen twelve-meter-high columns, covered in mirrors reflecting the trees, were equipped with lights, LED strips and panels, and smoke, lots of smoke!

Both scenic and show effects were placed above three meters, creating the illusion of floating columns.

The most intimate setup was Area 24, a circular dance floor surrounded by grassy hills, nestled in the woods. With the DJ booth at the center and the lowest point, we created an up-close experience. The 360-degree sound system, with speakers in eight directions, topped the geometric wooden structure, referring to previous Awakenings stages.

04. Results