Client |  Various
Concept & Art direction | TWOFIFTYK

In the past two years, we have been working on an innovative experience that creates a completely different world parallel to the one we all know. This experience provides safe customizable and controllable environments, where artists, audiences, or a show team can take full control of what you see, hear and feel. These experiences can be tailored to your liking, providing fully integrated branding exposure in the environment or in avatar personalization. We provide a tool that creates on-demand shows, whether it is prerecorded, scheduled, or live, the show will be designed from the first idea to the final online stream. It targets a wide audience, from those searching for the real VR (headset) experience to those using a mobile setup. This experience is for you and your friends, to reconnect, listen to your favorite band, watch your favorite artist and their show or visit your bucket list festival. It is a daily experience, it is not limited by specific dates or annual reoccurring events, it is a 365 days a year event. Every moment can be claimed to host and broadcast your show.